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Design, nanofabrication and characterization of optical metamaterials (Professor Min Qiu)

Period: 2007-07-01 - 2013-06-30

An optical metamaterial is an object that gains its (electromagnetic) material properties from its structure rather than inheriting them directly from the materials it is composed of. Metamaterials » more
Far-infrared and THz coherent light sources based on nonlinear optical interactions in ferroelectrics (Professor Valdas Pasiskevicius)

Period: 2006-01-01 - 2011-12-31

This project is focused on the extension of the functionality of the engineerable ferroelectric nonlinear optical materials based on quasi-phase matching (QPM) for the generation of far-infrared (FIR) » more
Negative refraction in two-dimensional photonic crystals (Srinivasan Anand)

Period: 2007-01-01 - 2009-12-31

The project is in the area of photonic crystals, a rapidly evolving field, and focuses on the novel physical phenomenon of negative refraction. The project addresses the physics and potential » more
Spin-resonant tunneling nano-devices (Professor Vladislav Korenivski)

  Period: 2007-01-01 - 2009-12-31

The field of spintronics has been experiencing an explosive growth during the last 10-15 years. The new phenomena of Giant Magnetoresistance, large Tunneling Magnetoresistance, and Spin Transfer » more
Spin-thermo-electronics - STELE (Professor Vladislav Korenivski)

Period: 2009-01-01 - 2011-12-31

Spin and exchange provide a natural two level system in ferromagnets for producing radiation. Can this radiation be stimulated to high intensity in a self-sustained manner? Can a metal be made » more
Two dimensional photonic crystals in III-Vs for optical communication applications (Srinivasan Anand)

Period: 2000-02-01

The research activities focus on the physics and applications of photonic crystals (PC) in InP- and GaAs-based materials, in particular on providing active functionality such as gain and tuning. 2D » more


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