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HyperGamma- Advanced gamma-ray detectors for hypernuclear spectroscopy (Professor Bo Cederwall)

  The HyperGamma project aims at developing a Ge detector array for hypernuclear physics studies with the PANDA detector at the future international FAIR facility. » more
Indium phosphide on silicon for silicon photonics by a generic nanoheteroepitaxial lateral overgrowth method (Professor Sebastian Lourdudoss)

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2010-12-31

The aim of this project is to realise indium phosphide and/or gallium arsenide on silicon or silicon on insulator (SOI) to monolithically integrate light sources on silicon for silicon photonics. An » more
Instrumentation for in-plane local susceptibility determination and imaging (Professor K Venkat Rao)

Period: 2000-01-01

This is a project to develop instrumentation for determining the local magnetic susceptibility and imaging the same over an area at a sub-micron scale using a novel recording head-based probe. To » more
Ion technology centre (Professor Anders Hallén)

Period: 1999-01-01 - 2010-06-30

The Ion Technology Centre (ITC) is a consolidation of resources from universities in Sweden, so far mainly KTH and Uppsala University, in the form of competence and equipment for practicing » more
ISHT - Interior sound design of high-speed trains (Roberto Bresin)

Period: 2010-04-01 - 2012-03-31

The main research question in this project is: "How can we develop design methods and acoustic artefacts in order to improve the sound environment of the high-speed trains of the future?" » more
Large extra dimensions (Professor Tommy Ohlsson)

Period: 2007-06-04 - 2012-06-30

The purpose of the research project is to study models of particle physics that are based on the idea that space could have more than three dimensions. This class of models provides one of several » more
Liquid-metal-jet anode electron-impact X-ray sources (Professor Hans Hertz)

Period: 2001-09-01

A new electron-impact hard X-ray source based on a high-speed liquid-metal-jet anode has been developed. Initial calculations and proof-of-principle experiments show that this new anode concept could » more
Long-term sustainability vs. short-term security: the co-evolution of conflicting challenges in the redesign and adaptation of infrastructure systems (Per Högselius)

Period: 2010-07-01 - 2014-12-31

This project scrutinizes the conflicts between long-term sustainability ambitions and short-term security concerns that arise through the attempts to adapt large infrastructural systems in the energy » more
Low-dimensional biophysical models of neurons, synapses and neural microcircuits (Bo Cartling)

Biophysical models of neurons, synapses and neural microcircuits are formulated in terms of low numbers of dynamical variables in order to facilitate insight into functional mechanisms and » more
Low-frequency waves in Saturn's magnetosphere (Professor Lars Blomberg)

Period: 2006-11-01 - 2012-12-31

We analyse low-frequency wave activity in Saturn's magnetosphere using Cassini RPWS data in collaboration with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala. Statistical properties of the waves » more
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