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Force Microscopy studies of high performance nanophase materials (Professor K Venkat Rao)

Period: 2000-01-01

To develop state-of-the-art capabilities in atomic scale topological and magnetic imaging; producing, and characterizing nanostructured materials and studying their novel properties like Giant » more
Formation and dynamics of auroral fine structure (Nickolay Ivchenko)

Period: 2005-01-01 - 2008-12-31

Specific goals of this project are: - to analyse high resolution auroral imaging data with simultaneous incoherent scatter radar measurements, in order to enhance understanding of the temporal and » more
Further development of SynFace a virtual decoding support for hearing impaired (Jonas Beskow)

  Period: 2009-04-15 - 2011-04-15

Many elderly experience limited accessibility due to different physical disabilities; this is often accompanied also by deteriorated hearing which makes it even more difficult to participate in social » more
Fusion plasma physics (Professor James Drake)

The Division of Fusion Plasma Physics is a part of the Swedish Fusion Research Unit (RU) which participates in the European fusion programme through a Contract of Association between the EURATOM and » more
Fusion related atomic physics (Professor Elisabeth Rachlew)

Period: 1988-01-01

The research programme is part of the EURATOM research programme for developing a sustainable energy source from fusion power. The basic research aims to develop and apply spectroscopic methods and » more
FUTURE Flutter-free turbomachinery blades (Professor Torsten H. Fransson)

  Period: 2008-07-01 - 2012-06-30

EU-funded project focusing on the experimental and numerical investigation of flutter in turbomachine components such as compressor and turbine rotors. The project involves 25 partners from industry, » more
GLAST (Jan Conrad)

Period: 2000-01-01 - 2012-12-31

GLAST (Gamma-ray Large Area Telescope) is a satellite mission aimed at exploring cosmic gamma-rays in the energy range from 20 MeV to 300 GeV. The scientific objectives include search for signals of » more
Global energy and climate studies research programme (Professor Semida Silveira)

  Period: 2007-09-01 - 2012-03-31

The research programme Global Energy and Climate Studies is the foundation of the division of Energy and Climate Studies (ECS). The programme has an interdisciplinary character with a strong systems » more
Grain boundary physics in ZnO nanostructures (Clas Persson)

Period: 2010-01-01 - 2013-01-01

Atomistic modelling and design of grain boundaries and interfaces in ZnO » more
Graph theory and statistical physics (Professor Anders Rosengren)

Period: 1997-01-01 - 2008-12-31

We investigate mainly the properties of the Ising model. This model was from its conception in the 1920's intended to describe the phenomenon of ferromagnetism. It has evaded all attempts to find a » more
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