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NURESIM Nuclear reactor simulations - Critical heat flux (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Henryk Anglart

Reactor Technology

The NURESIM project (European Platform for Nuclear Reactor Simulations) has as goal to provide the initial step towards a Common European Standard Software Platform for modelling, recording, and recovering computer data for nuclear reactors simulations. Sub-project 2 is dealing with thermal-hydraulic issues of nuclear reactors, and in particular with the Pressurized Thermal Shock (PTS) and the Critical Heat Flux (CHF).

The project activities at the Nuclear Reactor Technology Division involve a review of existing models and experimental data that are related to the dryout phenomenon as well as development of a new mechanistic model of dryout in a nuclear fuel assembly. In particular, models of liquid film, deposition and entrainment rates will be developed and implemented in a CFD code, NEPTUNE.

Period: 2005-02-01 - 2008-01-31

Dryout, Nuclear reactor simulations, Thermal-hydraulics, CFD

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