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Efficient train systems (TRAINLAB) (Professor Evert Andersson)

TRAINLAB is a multidisciplinary research project within the Railway Group of KTH, aiming at developing methods and technology in strategic areas for future efficient passenger trains. TRAINLAB » more
ISHT - Interior sound design of high-speed trains (Roberto Bresin)

Period: 2010-04-01 - 2012-03-31

The main research question in this project is: "How can we develop design methods and acoustic artefacts in order to improve the sound environment of the high-speed trains of the future?" » more
SimERT phase 2 - Simulation of energy and running time of trains (Piotr Lukaszewicz)

Period: 2005-01-01 - 2008-12-31

The aim of the SimERT project is to perform research on how the energy usage and running time of trains is affected in particular by the driving style and train characteristics and how the driving » more
Simulation of Wheel-On-Rail Deterioration phenomena - SWORD (Roger Enblom)

  Period: 2008-05-01 - 2013-06-30

The project focus is on damage prediction in the wheel-rail interface. The contact patch is small and subjected to high stresses and wear. Two common modes of deterioration, causing significant » more


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