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Aqueous corrosion: localized corrosion, biomaterials, metal release, corrosion monitoring, and oxide properties (Professor Jinshan Pan)

The research activities are focused on studies of interfacial processes of metallic materials in electrolytes using advanced electrochemical techniques including spectroscopic and microscopic methods. » more
Atmospheric corrosion: In situ studies of the solid/atmosphere interfacial regime (Professor Christofer Leygraf)

Period: 1999-01-01

Most environmentally related physiochemical processes take place at surfaces of solids (often a mineral or metal oxide) that are wet or moist. The ubiquitous aqueous adlayer formed on solids in » more
High-temperature corrosion and catalysed gas reactions (Gunnar Hultquist)

Molecular, ionic and electronic transport properties in oxides are of profound importance for a number of characteristics, including their ability to resist degradation in chemically aggressive » more


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