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Physical Metallurgy (»Add to Infobox)

Materials Science and Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology



Bulk metallic glasses - the flawless material

Carbide grain growth

Dynamics of evolving particle ensembles

HERO-M: Hierarchic Engineering of Industrial Materials

Materials optimization - process-microstructure relations

Molecular dynamics simulation of condensed matter systems

Oxidation of metals and alloys


Stress effects and materials flow in phase transformations


Alloy theory for the martensitic transformation in Fe base alloys

Carbide-grain growth in cemented carbides

CCT - Centre of computational thermodynamics

Creep behaviour and lifetime assessment of modified 12% chromium steels

Fundamental technological properties of advanced metallic alloys

Hipercoat - Science of high-performance multifunctional high temperature coatings

Mathematical theory and simulation tools for phase transformations in materials

Modelling of reactions between gas and steel

Phase-field simulation of grain growth and phase transformations

Powder processing - modelling of compaction

The transformation of austenite in sintered steels - modelling of the bainite reaction

PEOPLE (12/12) 

Annika Borgenstam (Research Leader / Physical Metallurgy)
Professor John Ågren (Research Leader / Physical Metallurgy)
Professor Michail Dzugutov (Research Leader / Physical Metallurgy)
Klara Asp
Anders Bjärbo
Samuel Hallström
Professor emeritus Mats Hillert
Johan Jeppsson
Henrik Larsson
Karin Mannesson
Henrik Strandlund
Lars Höglund


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