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Oxidation of metals and alloys (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor John Ågren
Samuel Hallström

Physical Metallurgy

Oxidation of pure Fe and pure Cr as well as Fe-Cr alloys is modelled by considering diffusion in the oxides and the metals. The project is a part of the "CROX" programme which is a collaboration with several groups at Chalmers where experimental investigations and ab-initio calculations are performed.

Diffusion of Fe, Cr and O in wustite, magnetite and hematite is modelled by taking into account the detailed defect structure of the oxides. Grain-boundary and bulk diffusion in the oxides are considered as processes coupled in parallel. The models are being implemented in the DICTRA code allowing simulation of oxidation of FeCr alloys.

Period: 2003-01-01 - 2008-12-31

Defects, Diffusion in solids, Grain boundary diffusion, Phase equilibrium, Thermodynamics


SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)


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