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Materials optimization - process-microstructure relations (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor John Ågren
Johan Jeppsson

Physical Metallurgy

The goal is to develop models which allow prediction of the final and intermediate structures for a given alloy composition and applied process route. The models available in the literature will be modified and developed further to fit the aims of a Materials Optimization effort. Simulations by advanced models and databases will be used to speed up this development and reduce the number of laboratory and industrial-scale experiments. Phenomena like nucleation, growth and coarsening of precipitates as well as grain growth and recrystallization will be considered. The models will include classical nucleation theory and its well-known modifications to account for heterogeneous nucleation on grain boundaries and dislocations, as well as Zener-Hillert type of equations to calculate growth rates of individual precipitates and pearlitic or bainitic colonies and Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami type of equations to account for impingement. Both steels and aluminium-base alloys are considered.

Period: 2003-06-01 - 2008-05-31

Coarsening, Diffusion, Growth, Nucleation, Thermodynamics


SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)


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