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Powder processing - modelling of compaction (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor Stefan Jonsson
Professor John Ågren

Mechanical Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy

This project is a part of a larger BRIIE (Brinell Competence Centre - Inorganic Interfacial Engineering) project directed towards the behaviour of metal and ceramic powders. The KTH part focuses on fundamental and systematic studies of the correlation between granule properties and the dry pressing behaviour. The experimental characterization is performed at the Institute for surface chemistry and modelling based on a micromechanical approach accounting for the strength, friction, adhesion and deformation of individual granules is developed at KTH.

Period: 2001-08-01 - 2006-03-31

Deformation, Friction, Granulation, Micromechanical modelling, Powder metallurgy


Inorganic Interfacial Engineering - VINNOVA competence centre


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