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Automotive mechatronic module design (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor Jan Wikander
Hans Johansson, Fredrik Roos


Auxiliary systems in the automotive sector are generally defined as all energy consuming sub-systems within a vehicle, except for the actual drive train. This project is focused on co-design methods and co-design optimisation for mechatronic auxiliary systems, i.e. mechatronic modules, that perform controlled mechanical work. The supply and demand of electrical power will increase dramatically in future road vehicles; many of the mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic sub-systems of today will be replaced with electro-mechanical systems. Examples of such systems are: brake-by-wire, steer-by-wire, kneeling system (buses), fan, air compressor etc.

Mechatronic systems are often very complex to design and optimise, since they include many closely coupled engineering domains. This project is focused on mechatronic actuator modules, i.e. systems where all mechatronic functionalities are located within one physical module. The overall goal of the project is to develop a model-based design and optimisation methodology, focused on a modular mechatronic architecture. The conceptual design methodology will contain:
- Dynamic and static component models, for multi-domain modelling of different design concepts.
- Multi domain optimisation methods with respect to one or more criteria.
- Guidelines on how to find and express rich enough requirements on automotive auxiliary subsystems, in order to facilitate optimisation.

The current status is that models for optimisation of the combination electric motor and transmission ratio have been developed and verified. In a next step a complete transmission (inertia, physical constraints, friction) will extend those models to facilitate a wider optimisation.

Period: 2002-09-11 - 2007-09-11

Design methodology, Design optimization, Gears, Mechatronics, Modelling, Electrical drive, Automotive

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