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HERO-M: Hierarchic Engineering of Industrial Materials (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor John Ågren
Annika Borgenstam

Physical Metallurgy

The HERO-M centre at KTH is one of 15 VINN Excellence Centres that VINNOVA and participating partners have started during 2007

Within the HERO-M centre the performance of industrially relevant materials will be determined through engineering design on different length scales. The most important scientific challenge is to determine the relation between structure and properties from fundamental principles instead of the empirical methods that are mostly used today. The most important challenges from an engineering perspective are two-fold; one is to improve the fundamental methods and adjust those to industrial needs the other one is to use these methods in order to develop materials in an industrial environment. Large Swedish companies in the materials area, i.e. steel and tools for metal-cutting manufacturers, as well as specialized software companies and small entrepreneurial firms are involved in the centre.

The research within HERO-M spans from materials that are industrially relevant today and have a potential for improvement, e.g. steels and cemented carbides, to materials that are expected to become important in the near future, e.g. advanced electronic materials, nano steels and amorphous steels. The research involves fundamental topics of strategic value as well as more applied topics. Although the main emphasis is on new theoretical predictive tools, experimental verification and measurements play an essential role.

During the first two years the work will be performed in four closely interrelated project areas each focusing on a special class of materials. Each area includes large efforts in the development of basic theory and methodology.

A more detailed description of each project is found under separate titles in the database.

Projects in "New Materials"
- Bulk metallic glasses - the flawless material
- Design of advanced magnetic semiconductors for spintronics applications
Projects in "Advanced stainless steels":
- Martensite formation
- Spinodal decomposition in advanced stainless steels and cemented carbides
Projects in "High-strength steels"
- Bainite formation
- Martensite formation
- Precipitation
Projects in "Powder materials"
- Alloy element redistribution during sintering
- Carbide grain growth
- Compaction mechanics
- Spinodal decomposition in advanced stainless steels and cemented carbides

The strength of the centre is twofold:
the research is based on excellent and world-leading science focused directly on industrial needs,
a focused and well-formed partnership made up of industries with a real need of the output from the work of the centre.

Period: 2007-04-01 - 2016-03-31

Ab-initio, Cemented carbides, Computational thermodynamics, DICTRA, Glassy metals, Materials design, Phase field, Spintronics, Steels, Thermo-Calc

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