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Stress effects and materials flow in phase transformations (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor Gustav Amberg
Professor John gren

School of Engineering Sciences, Physical Metallurgy

The properties of materials are largely determined by their microstructure, which is formed through successive phase transformations during the production and use of the material. The ability to predict and understand this is thus absolutely crucial for the design of new materials. Flow of the material, either as viscous flow at elevated temperatures, or as plastic deformations in the solid phase, is an important factor in determining the structure. The reason for this is both the actual material transport that takes place, and the possibly large stresses that are involved. The stress state will influence the kinetics of the phase transformations in a non-trivial way. Also surface energies and capillary effects are crucial in these processes. In this project we study such phenomena by detailed numerical simulations at the microscopic level. We primarily use diffuse interface and phase field methods, which allow us to formulate models also for more complicated thermodynamic systems. In addition to this we will also simulate the materials flow that is coupled to the phase change. This project is intended to maintain and strengthen the interaction between materials science, and applied mathematics and mechanics. This is very fruitful both in applying new theoretical and computational tools to materials science problems of practical relevance, and to give new challenges to applied mathematics and mechanics.

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2011-12-31

Material flow, Numerical simulation, Phase transformation


VR (The Swedish Research Council)


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