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Research Leader: Professor Michael Benedicks
Magnus Aspenberg, Kristian Bjerklov, Lennart Carleson, Tommy Ekola, Håkan Eliasson, Professor Kurt Johansson, Maria Saprykina, Stanistav Smirnov

Mathematics (Div)

Rigorous mathematical treatment of holomorphic dynamical systems in one and several variables - properties of Julia and Mandelbrot sets, thermodynamic formalism.

Rigorous mathematical treatment of dissipative dynamical systems such as the Henon map and the Lorenz equation - strange attractors, nonuniform hyperbolicity and decay of correlation.

Rigorous mathematical treatment of conservative dynamical systems like the standard map, Hamiltonian systems and quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators - invariant tori, nonuniform hyperbolicity and diffusion.

The project has a co-operation with IMPA (Rio de Janeiro), financed by STINT, and it participates in a co-operation with Yale and in one ESF-network. For more information, see br>esearch/dynsyst/.

Ergodic theory, KAM theory, Dynamic systems


ESF (European Science Foundation)

Göran Gustafsson Foundation


KVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)

STINT (The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education)


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