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Architectural design of embedded control systems (Professor Martin Törngren)

Period: 1995-06-06

This description is a place holder for several national projects focusing on Architectural design, Model based development, and Processes and work integration for Embedded control systems. » more
Automatic meter reading for distribution system operation and maintenance (Professor Pontus Johnson)

The introduction of AMR is largely driven by the requirement to vitalise the power market for instance by facilitating competition by simplifying for end-users to switch supplier. The full scale » more
Efficiency measures in electricity distribution (Professor Torsten Cegrell)

The topic of the project is on modelling maintenance-related organisational activities from a utility, or benefit, perspective. The focus of the work is on the added value of information technology to » more
Functional fit for maintenance management (Professor Pontus Johnson)

The project is aimed at providing IT-decision makers with decision support before IT investments, specifically those in the area of asset management within electrical distribution. To develop such » more
Instantly deployable evolvable assembly systems – IDEAS (Professor Mauro Onori)

  Period: 2010-04-01 - 2013-03-31

Discussions held by the IDEAS consortium members with a wide range of industrial sectors all lead to the same conclusion: the further development of assembly equipment still requires sophisticated » more
Interoperability of technical support systems (Professor Pontus Johnson)

Today, technical support systems, e.g. SCADA, EMS and DMS, are increasingly integrated into utility-wide enterprise architectures. However, many of the existing systems are not at all designed to be » more
IT governance of technical support systems (Professor Pontus Johnson)

Traditionally, technical support systems, such as SCADA, EMS and DMS, have been managed differently from administrative support systems, such as ERP and CRM. Managed in this sense refers to » more
Modifiability of technical support systems (Professor Pontus Johnson)

Due to changing business operation and technical evolution, the architecture of technical support systems such as SCADA, EMS, DMS, outage management, asset management and GIS, are under constant » more
Performance and availability in Wide Area Monitoring and Control Systems (Lars Nordström)

The last few years of development within information and communication technologies has enabled power system control to make greater use of new types of sensors, communication systems and distributed » more
Requirements on substation communication (Lars Nordström)

Communication standards developed, and under development, for example by the IEC in TC 57 and TC88 often specify a data model, a data exchange mechanism, and then a set of different options for » more
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