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A Nordic on-line dictionary: Tvärslå och Tvärsök (Professor Viggo Kann)

Period: 2005-07-01 - 2007-12-31

Tvärslå is a Nordic on-line dictionary that is being developed in this project. A dictionary exchange XML format has been developed, and it is possible to easily add new dictionaries to Tvärslå (see » more
Approximation algorithms (Professor Johan Håstad)

Period: 1989-01-01

There are many hard combinatorial optimisation problems. One famous such class of problems concerns the NP-complete problems, which include colouring problems, the travelling salesman problem and » more
Biologically inspired statistical methods for flexible automatic speech understanding (Giampiero Salvi)

Period: 2010-01-01 - 2013-12-31

The project will develop machine learning methods for speech understanding that more closely resemble the biological approach to learning. It will contribute to more flexible speech interfaces and » more
Cryptography (Professor Johan Håstad)

Period: 1993-01-01

The most obvious branch of cryptography is to hide the content of a message. Today, however, the word is used with a wider meaning. In particular the research area also covers topics such as digital » more
Foundations of software testing (Professor Karl Meinke)

Period: 2000-01-01

Software testing can be seen as complementary to formal program verification, and is oriented towards locating and identifying errors, rather than establishing that code is error free. Surprisingly, » more


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