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Professor Gunnar Karlsson (»Add to Infobox)

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Research Leader at
Communication Networks
School of Electrical Engineering
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Phone:  +46 8 790 4257


Automatic Control

Communication Networks


Advanced Internet service and routing architectures


ACCESS (Autonomic Complex Communication nEtworks, Signals and Systems)

Cross-Layer Optimization in Short Range Wireless Sensor Networks (CROPS), Part II

Hybrid Control: Taming heterogeneity and complexity of networked embedded systems - HYCON

Vital infrastructure networks, information and control systems management - Viking


Network of Excellence in emerging networking experiments and technologies - E-NEXT

Cross-layer issues in wireless multimedia internetworking

Eye-safe lasers

Large-scale autonomous communication networks

Towards a self-regulating Internet

Tunable devices for sensing applications

WORKED WITH (31/31) 

Professor Erik Aurell (Research Leader / Computational Biology)

Mats Bengtsson (Research Leader / Signal Processing Lab)

Professor Torsten Cegrell (Research Leader / Industrial Information and Control Systems)

Mads Dam (Research Leader / Theoretical Computer Science)

György Dan (Research Leader / Communication Networks)

Carlo Fischione (Scientist / Automatic Control)

Viktoria Fodor (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Professor Anders Forsgren (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)

Anders Gunnar (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Olof Hagsand (Scientist / Theoretical Computer Science)

Professor Håkan Hjalmarsson (Research Leader / Automatic Control)

Professor Xiaoming Hu (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)

Professor Peter Händel (Research Leader / Signal Processing Lab)

Magnus Jansson (Research Leader / Signal Processing Lab)

Professor Karl Henrik Johansson (Research Leader / Automatic Control)

Mikael Johansson (Research Leader / Automatic Control)

Professor Pontus Johnson (Research Leader / Industrial Information and Control Systems)

Ulf Jönsson (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)

Professor Bastiaan Kleijn (Research Leader / Communication Theory)

Georgios Koudouridis (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Thomas Lindh (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Professor Anders Lindquist (Research Leader / Optimization and Systems Theory)

Henrik Lundqvist (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Ian Marsh (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Ignacio Mas Ivars (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Professor Björn Ottersten (Research Leader Signal Processing, Dean School of Electrical Engineering / School of Electrical Engineering)

Henrik Sandberg (Scientist / Automatic Control)

Professor Mikael Skoglund (Research Leader / Communication Theory)

Professor Rolf Stadler (Research Leader / Communication Networks)

Hector Velayos (Scientist / Communication Networks)

Professor Bo Wahlberg (Research Leader / Automatic Control)


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