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Advanced Internet service and routing architectures (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor Gunnar Karlsson
György Dan, Viktoria Fodor, Anders Gunnar, Olof Hagsand, Georgios Koudouridis, Thomas Lindh, Henrik Lundqvist, Ian Marsh, Ignacio Mas Ivars, Hector Velayos

Communication Networks, Theoretical Computer Science

Our research concerns the architectural design for quality of service and its implementation in routers and hosts. We believe that advanced services may be built from a small set of basic services. The network services are combined and augmented by end-system functionality to provide the communication support needed by modern multimedia applications. A network service consists of jointly designed traffic and error controls. We are also developing a system to monitor the operational quality in networks.

The main design principle is to move functionality and per-session state from the network nodes out to the hosts. Such decentralisation improves scalability and eases QoS support for multicast and mobility. We anticipate that a future Internet will have an optical backbone based on dense wavelength-division multiplexing, possibly with packet switching, and wireless access networks. An architecture that avoids processing in the network nodes is better suited for a network based on optical rather than electronic switching. Our research on the wireless edge relates to handover issues for Wi-Fi local area networks.

Period: 1998-03-01

Internetworking, Network architecture, Switch architecture, Telecommunication, Error control, Computer communication, Traffic control

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SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)

Telia Research AB

The Wallenberg Foundation

VINNOVA (The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems)

VR (The Swedish Research Council)


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