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Automatic meter reading for distribution system operation and maintenance (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor Pontus Johnson
Lars Nordström

Industrial Information and Control Systems

The introduction of AMR is largely driven by the requirement to vitalise the power market for instance by facilitating competition by simplifying for end-users to switch supplier. The full scale introduction of automatic meter reading will impact distribution utilities in several stages. First comes the technological and logistic challenges to implement the AMR infrastructure in time and on budget. Following this first stage the necessary adaptation of internal processes and systems to the amounts and types of data being generated occurs, focusing on issues such as data quality, security and integrity. Third comes the stage where the utilities will be able to focus on creating new business models and services as well as internal quality assurance systems by using the AMR infrastructure. On the re-regulated market, these stages need not take place sequentially but are likely to occur in a more complicated parallel fashion. This project is primarily focusing on two challenges to successful end-to-end integration of AMR. Firstly, the technical aspects such as data quality and information security are considered, and secondly the project investigates the business opportunities and requirements related to use of AMR data for power system operation and control.

AMR, AMS, Automatic Meter Reading, Data quality, Power system control, Security, System quality

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EKC2 - Centre of Excellence in Electric Power Engineering


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