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Corrosion on plastics (Professor Mikael Hedenqvist)

Period: 2003-01-01 - 2008-12-31

In industry polymeric materials are to a large extent used in process components such as pipes and cisterns, especially in corrosive environments in which metals cannot be used. Often-used plastics » more
Design of antimicrobial polymers for medical devices (Professor Sigbritt Karlsson)

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2011-12-31

The project aims to develop new polymeric materials for medical use (e.g.: urinary catheters, tracheostomy tubes etc.) which slowly release antimicrobial agents as a function of time in order to avoid » more
Fibre based composite films - Sustainpack (Professor Mikael Hedenqvist)

Period: 2004-07-01 - 2008-07-01

The purpose of this EU-funded project is to establish fibre-based packaging as the dominant player in the packaging area within a decade. It will achieve this by applying nanotechnology solutions to » more
Flame-retardant plastic insulation surrounding conductor rails in connection boxes (Professor Ulf Gedde)

Period: 2005-01-10 - 2007-07-10

Plastic insulation parts in connection boxes were identified as a potential source for fire initiation. This comes unsurprisingly, as the polymers used in such devices have to withstand harsh » more
Innovative fire resistant and environmentally friendly polymeric materials (Professor Ulf Gedde)

Period: 2005-01-01 - 2007-12-31

Polymer material, significant in buildings and in other daily environments (textiles, furniture, surface materials in buildings, cables and cars) are organic materials that are flammable and a » more
Long-term performance of PVC and PEX cables (Professor Ulf Gedde)

Period: 2003-10-01 - 2007-12-31

PVC and PEX cables are used in nuclear power plants and the assessment of the condition of these polymeric insulations during service is very important. What is the remaining lifetime after 30 years » more
Multifunctional polymer-based nanocomposites (Professor Ulf Gedde)

Period: 2002-11-01 - 2007-06-30

Technology is advancing in a manner that modern materials have strict requirements on their mechanical properties, environmental stability and physical properties. Novel materials can no longer meet » more
Network in solid waste and water treatment between Europe and Mediterranean countries-SOWAEUMED (Professor Mamoun Muhammed)

  Period: 2009-12-31 - 2012-12-01

The aim of the project is to put together and generate a stable sustainable bi-regional and integrated scientific platform of international excellence to collaborate in the development and » more
Strategies for sustainable polymeric materials by recycling (Professor Sigbritt Karlsson)

Period: 2005-04-01 - 2009-03-31

Polymeric materials are in general recyclable without loss of polymeric properties. Advanced quality assessment of recycled polyolefins by use of chemical, physical and mechanical characterisation » more


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