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Development of in-situ methane enrichment as a method for upgrading of biogas to vehicle fuel (Professor Åke C Rasmuson)

Period: 1997-01-01

Biogas can be generated by anaerobic digestion of organic sludge. The gas contains approx. 65 % methane and the rest is mainly carbon dioxide. In order to be used as vehicle fuel, the gas must be » more
Hydrodynamics of agitated suspensions (Professor Åke C Rasmuson)

Period: 1989-01-01

The goal is an increased understanding of how energy dissipation, shear rate, fluid velocity and particles are distributed in agitated suspensions. Measurements are carried out by a three-dimensional » more
Industrial crystallisation (Professor Åke C Rasmuson)

Period: 1984-01-01

The objectives of the work are to increase the understanding of the fundamentals of industrial crystallisation, and to develop modelling into a useful tool for design and optimisation of » more


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