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Absorption technology for heat pumping and cooling (Viktoria Martin)

Period: 1980-01-01

Many aspects of absorption technology for heating and cooling applications have been studied at KTH since the early 80's. This includes: heat and mass transfer studies on component levels, along with » more
Phase change materials (PCMs) and chemical reactions for thermal energy storage (Viktoria Martin)

Period: 1997-07-01

The heat of phase change, melting or vaporization, utilized for thermal energy storage decreases the volume of a storage substantially compared to utilization of sensible heat. Waxes or inorganic » more
Programme energy systems (Professor Mats Westermark)

Period: 1996-10-01

Four research sub-projects are carried out within the framework of Programme Energy Systems, a national programme for research and postgraduate study emphasizing system orientation and » more
Sustainable energy systems in advanced cities - SESAC (Viktoria Martin)

Period: 2005-05-30 - 2010-05-30

SESAC is an Integrated Project within the EU 6th framework programme, the Concerto sub-programme. In this project, local stakeholders in the cities of Delft, Grenoble and Vxj will implement energy » more


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