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Controlled delamination materials for interactive packaging (Professor Göran Lindbergh)

Period: 2008-01-01

Controlled delamination materials is a new technology that is being developed by the company Stora Enso. Consumer packages, joined together using certain adhesives, can delaminate in a controlled way » more
Electrolytic processes (Ann Cornell)

Period: 1992-10-01

The overall objective of this programme is to increase the understanding of the electrochemistry of new and existing electrolytic processes in order to optimise their performance. During the years » more
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells (Professor Göran Lindbergh)

Period: 1998-01-01

The polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) is one of the most suitable electric power sources for use in vehicles. Activities at Applied Electrochemistry aim at elucidating how the performance of » more
Secondary batteries. Lithium-ion batteries (Professor Göran Lindbergh)

  Period: 1997-09-01

How to use lithium-ion batteries in the best possible way in advanced applications such as hybrid electric vehicles? How to make lithium-ion batteries with better performance? These are the » more


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