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Molecular structure and dynamics probed by NMR techniques (Professor Peter Stilbs)

Period: 1987-07-01 - 2010-12-31

Information on transport properties of molecules in solution provides a direct pathway to very general information on intermolecular interaction and binding and association phenomena. By specialised » more
NMR studies of complex fluids (Professor István Furó)

Period: 1994-09-01

Several complementary ways to information about the structure and dynamics in complex fluids are explored. The first method, self-diffusion measurements with pulsed-field-gradient spin-echo NMR, » more
Quantum chemical studies of chemical reactions in biological systems (Professor Tore Brinck)

The common theme for the research is the analysis of chemical reactivity and intermolecular interactions in chemical and biological systems using ab initio and density functional theory (DFT). In » more
Quantum chemical studies of high energy nitrogen compounds (Professor Tore Brinck)

This project concerns the reactivity and properties of isomers of the N4 molecule and other nitrogen allotropes. Theoretical studies have indicated that particularly the tetrahedral form of N4 should » more


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