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Mechanistic studies of living free radical polymerization (Professor Mats Jonsson)

Period: 2002-05-01

Recently, it has been demonstrated that controlled/"living" free radical polymerizations can be utilized to obtain polymers with appreciable control over molecular weight, distribution and chain ends. » more
Radiolysis in heterogeneous systems (Professor Mats Jonsson)

Period: 2001-06-01

In this project we mainly study reactions between radiolysis products formed upon radiolysis of water and solid metal oxide surfaces.
The experimental studies are based on radiation chemical » more
Reaction kinetics and thermochemistry studied by radiation chemical techniques (Professor Gábor Merényi)

Period: 1979-01-01

At present the research in radiation and radical chemistry is focused on arylperoxyl, thiyl, imidyl and aminyl radicals as well as sulfuranyl radicals. The monooxygenating properties, reduction » more
Thermochemical studies of radicals in solution (Professor Mats Jonsson)

Period: 1997-05-01

The research is mainly focused on experimental studies of thermochemical properties of radicals and radical ions in solution using radiation chemical, electrochemical and calorimetric methods. Some » more


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