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Molecular basis of enzyme action (Professor Karl Hult)

The activities under this title are carried out within the Biocatalysis Group at KTH (
The objective of this research is to understand enzyme action and » more
Molecular forces between surfaces. Influence of surface chemistry, adsorption and solution condition (Professor Per Claesson)

Period: 1985-01-01 - 2010-12-31

Our research comprises fundamental surface chemical studies in the areas of adsorption, interparticle and intermolecular forces, wetting, surface modification, surface characterisation and » more
Molecular modelling in enzyme catalysis (Professor Karl Hult)

The activities under this title are carried out within the Biocatalysis Group at KTH (
Molecular modelling is used in the Biocatalysis Group as an » more
Molecular structure and dynamics probed by NMR techniques (Professor Peter Stilbs)

Period: 1987-07-01 - 2010-12-31

Information on transport properties of molecules in solution provides a direct pathway to very general information on intermolecular interaction and binding and association phenomena. By specialised » more
Molecular tools (Professor Joakim Lundeberg)

The research is concentrated on developing and applying techniques for nucleic acid detection and analysis to be used in the core facilities at the department including de novo sequencing, genotyping » more
Multifunctional nanoparticles formed by polyelectrolyte complexes (Professor Per Claesson)

Period: 2006-01-01 - 2009-06-30

This project concerns the build-up of well-defined, multifunctional and hierarchical nanoparticles using self-assembly of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes into polyelectrolyte complexes, PECs. It » more
Multifunctional polymer-based nanocomposites (Professor Ulf Gedde)

Period: 2002-11-01 - 2007-06-30

Technology is advancing in a manner that modern materials have strict requirements on their mechanical properties, environmental stability and physical properties. Novel materials can no longer meet » more
Multilayered films (Eva Blomberg)

Period: 2003-01-01

Molecularly organised films such as polyelectrolyte multilayers are currently gaining interest in many areas. It has been shown that they can be used in many applications, for example, integrated » more
Nano chemistry and nano separations of biomolecules (Professor emeritus Johan Roeraade)

Period: 1993-01-01

Chip technology is employed to carry out (bio) chemical reactions in nano to picoliter sized volumes, and subsequent analysis is performed by capillary electrophoresis, combined with LIF or by MALDI » more
Network in solid waste and water treatment between Europe and Mediterranean countries-SOWAEUMED (Professor Mamoun Muhammed)

  Period: 2009-12-31 - 2012-12-01

The aim of the project is to put together and generate a stable sustainable bi-regional and integrated scientific platform of international excellence to collaborate in the development and » more
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