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Industrial crystallisation (Professor Åke C Rasmuson)

Period: 1984-01-01

The objectives of the work are to increase the understanding of the fundamentals of industrial crystallisation, and to develop modelling into a useful tool for design and optimisation of » more
Innovative fire resistant and environmentally friendly polymeric materials (Professor Ulf Gedde)

Period: 2005-01-01 - 2007-12-31

Polymer material, significant in buildings and in other daily environments (textiles, furniture, surface materials in buildings, cables and cars) are organic materials that are flammable and a » more
Kinetics of reconformation of polyelectrolytes adsorbed onto surfaces of opposite charge (Professor Lars Wågberg)

Period: 2003-05-02 - 2008-06-30

The objective of this project is to find a quantitative relation between the properties of the polyelectrolyte, the properties of the surface and the reconformation kinetics of the polyelectrolyte » more
Linear scaling methods for calculation of molecular properties (Pawel Salek)

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2010-12-31

The goal of the research project is to make first-principles chemical methods applicable to systems at the nanoscale. Such methods rely only on fundamental physical laws and do not require prior » more
Long-term performance of PVC and PEX cables (Professor Ulf Gedde)

Period: 2003-10-01 - 2007-12-31

PVC and PEX cables are used in nuclear power plants and the assessment of the condition of these polymeric insulations during service is very important. What is the remaining lifetime after 30 years » more
Mechanistic studies of living free radical polymerization (Professor Mats Jonsson)

Period: 2002-05-01

Recently, it has been demonstrated that controlled/"living" free radical polymerizations can be utilized to obtain polymers with appreciable control over molecular weight, distribution and chain ends. » more
Modelling radionuclide release from high level waste in a final repository (Professor emeritus Ivars Neretnieks)

Period: 1990-01-01

We perform experiments, develop, test and apply models to simulate radionuclide release from a repository for high-level nuclear waste and the nuclide transport to the biosphere. In final repositories » more
Modification and characterization of surfaces for nanochemistry applications (Eva Blomberg)

Period: 1999-10-01

The correct utilisation of surface chemical principles is of extreme importance when designing new devises for analysis of small sample volumes (down to picoliters). The obvious reason for this is the » more
Molecular and nanoelectronics (Professor Yi Luo)

Period: 2009-01-01 - 2011-12-31

Molecular electronics has attracted great attention in recent years. Many groups in the world have developed computational methods to describe electron transport in molecular junctions. In 2001, when » more
Molecular and thermodynamic theories of interfacial structures (Professor emeritus Jan Christer Eriksson)

Period: 1993-01-01

The thermodynamic properties of interfaces are of fundamental importance for the understanding of surfactant aggregation into a multitude of geometrically different micelles, emulsions and liquid » more
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