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Sustainable energy systems in advanced cities - SESAC (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Viktoria Martin
Professor Thomas Sandberg

Heat and Power Technology, Industrial Economics and Management (Div)

SESAC is an Integrated Project within the EU 6th framework programme, the Concerto sub-programme. In this project, local stakeholders in the cities of Delft, Grenoble and Växjö will implement energy efficiency measures in new and refurbished buildings, as well as increased the use of renewable energy for production of electricity, heating and cooling in the communities. Observer cities of Kaunas, Miskolc, and Vastseliina will follow the project and study the results and work-methods. Examples of sub-projects are: upgrading of old houses to eco-building standards, and low temperature district heating in Delft; eco-buildings, 100 kW PV power plant, and 2.7 MW mini hydropower plant in the extended Grenoble area; and demand side management, distributed cooling from renewable energy, and polygeneration from biological waste in Växjö.

The role of KTH is to monitor and analyse the energy flows and socio-economic effects of the Concerto actions. Also, KTH is responsible for the technical evaluations of the distributed cooling sub-project in Växjö

Period: 2005-05-30 - 2010-05-30

Absorption cooling, Energy efficiency, Energy management, Renewable energy systems, Sustainable city


European Commission


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