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Research Leader: Professor Stefan Ståhl
Filippa Fleetwood, Hanna Lindberg, John Löfblom, Nina Kronqvist, Magdalena Malm, Helena Wållberg

Molecular Biotechnology

A novel class of affinity proteins, denoted affibody ligands, has been developed at our department. Affibody molecules are based on a 58-amino acid residue protein domain, derived from staphylococcal protein A, which has served as scaffold for construction of combinatorial phagemid and bacterial libraries from which affibody-binding proteins may be selected to desired target molecules. The simple, robust structure of affibody ligands makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications. In this project, their potential in various therapeutic settings is investigated, including for tumour targeting for imaging and radiotherapy applications. Affibody molecules are also investigated as research tools to find new treatment strategies for Alzheimer’s disease. The group has published some 40 articles on these subjects, and 13 PhDs have based their dissertation on this research.

Period: 2003-01-01 - 2012-12-31

Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Medical imaging, Protein engineering, Radiotherapy, Targeting


SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)

VINNOVA (The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems)

VR (The Swedish Research Council)


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