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Research Leader: Professor Joakim Lundeberg

Gene Technology

The development and progression of cancer is accompanied by complex changes in patterns of gene expression as well as genetic variation and is anticiptated to orginate in stem cells. At the department we have used DNA sequencing techniques, SNP genotyping on microarrays, cDNA selection methods for studying these complex phenomena. A focus has been on skin cancer, HPV-mediated cervical cancer, and neuronal stem cells the basic processes in differentiation and proliferation in collaboration with Akademiska Hospital, Uppsala and Karolinska Institute Stockholm. We have by DNA sequencing of tumour suppressor genes, gene expression analysis, genotyping and loss of heterozygosity analysis been able to make a survey of the genetic alterations that appear in tumour progression in human cancers and the early stages of stem cell proliferatation. The present research activities deal with analysis of single/few tumour/stem cells within tumour lesions and stem cell compartments by using a laser directed microdissection technique to investigate the clonality and gene expression. Together these techniques have contribute to a better understanding of the genetic events in cancer and stem cell control.

Cancer, Stem cells, Single cells, Gene expression, Mutation detection



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