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Bus Rapid Transit – a review with identification of research questions (Karl Kottenhoff)

  Period: 2007-09-01 - 2009-01-31

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is maybe the most interesting development for public transport internationally. Knowledge about BRT, its features, use and possibilities, is in Sweden limited. On the other » more
Comfort and good driver behaviour in rail and bus services (Karl Kottenhoff)

Period: 2007-10-01 - 2009-12-31

The ride comfort depends on the infrastructure as well as the vehicles’ features and quality. Another important factor is the driver behaviour. There is today a contradiction between the demand of » more
DYMOBUS: Dynamic Modelling of Bus and Car traffic (Dr. Wilco Burghout)

Period: 2007-09-01 - 2011-09-01

DYMOBUS extends the recent advances in mesoscopic traffic simulation for car traffic to include bus traffic. This enables the study of car-bus interaction especially in inner cities, where congestion » more
Environmental management of rail operation and maintenance (Professor Per-Erik Jansson)

Period: 2000-01-01 - 2007-12-31

The General rules of consideration in the Swedish Environmental Code state that operators must have the knowledge needed to protect human health and the environment against damage and nuisance. » more
Gröna tåget - Market, Traffic (services) and Train concept (MTT) subprojects (Oskar Fröidh)

Period: 2005-05-01 - 2011-06-30

Development of a new high-speed train concept, based on market valuations of attractive service and economic analysis. » more
How does the planning goal 'urban density' correspond to people’s residential choices and everyday life? Affordances in differing urban densities (Inga Britt Werner)

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2010-12-31

Although there is consensus among planners and politicians that dense and compact cities are better for the environment than sprawling urban landscapes, much of what is currently being built is » more
Long-term sustainability vs. short-term security: the co-evolution of conflicting challenges in the redesign and adaptation of infrastructure systems (Per Högselius)

Period: 2010-07-01 - 2014-12-31

This project scrutinizes the conflicts between long-term sustainability ambitions and short-term security concerns that arise through the attempts to adapt large infrastructural systems in the energy » more
Modelling of transport emissions and fuel consumption using an integrated and distributed simulation platform (Xiaoliang Ma)

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2010-12-31

To achieve a sustainable road transport system, estimation and control of traffic-induced environmental impact become crucial in transport planning and management. In previous research projects, it » more
Models and condition measures for urban congestion. Relevance, validity and reliability (Professor emeritus Karl-Lennart Bång)

Period: 2004-01-01 - 2008-12-31

This doctoral project is part of the integrated Management Theme of the CDU (Centre for Operations and Maintenance) Control Programme. The Swedish National Road Administration, SNRA, uses condition » more
Optimising bike sharing in European cities - OBIS (Tom Petersen)

  Period: 2008-09-01 - 2011-08-31

OBIS will advance the role and opportunities of bike sharing as a valuable instrument to foster clean and energy-efficient sustainable modes of mobility in urban areas. It improves environmental » more
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