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Travellers’ choice - a study of competing supplies of train services on the West Coast Main Line (Oskar Fröidh)

Period: 2010-03-01 - 2011-12-31

To investigate the effects on the travel market, this research will analyse passengers’ valuation and how capacity has been affected when several train operators compete on the same line. This » more
Visual MINTEQ - a user-friendly chemical equilibrium framework (Jon Petter Gustafsson)

Period: 1996-07-01

The development of Visual MINTEQ began in 1996 and the original aim was to make a user-friendly Windows version of a former USEPA code (MINTEQA2) for teaching purposes. Now, Visual MINTEQ is one of » more
Zinc deficiency in soils, crops and food in Mali (Professor emeritus Gunnar Jacks)

Zinc deficiency in soils in central Mali causes lower yields and lower contents of zinc in the crops. The first results in the project indicate that the zinc intake by humans is about half the » more
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