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Deammonification (Professor Elzbieta Plaza)

Period: 2000-01-01

The project has the aim to study the new nitrogen conversion pathways in biological nitrogen removal. The traditional nitrification and denitrification processes have a substantial need for energy and » more
Design for learning environments: How factors in the architectural design of formal learning environments relate to learning (Professor Tore Larsson)

Period: 2002-03-01

This project investigates architectural design of formal learning environments in relation to educational outcomes. More specifically in the municipal grade 1-9 schools in Haninge, Sweden. The purpose » more
Design of rock caverns with statistical methods (Professor Håkan Stille)

Period: 1998-02-01

The project aims at finding a method for designing underground rock caverns with a specific failure probability. A probabilistically based design demands great knowledge about model uncertainty and » more
Differential settlement and hydraulic fracturing in zoned dams (Professor emeritus Klas Cederwall)

Period: 1993-09-01

Objectives: The research is aimed at finding how the core, filter and supporting fill can hang up in each other due to differential settling and also to analyse the distribution of tensions and shear » more
DYMOBUS: Dynamic Modelling of Bus and Car traffic (Dr. Wilco Burghout)

Period: 2007-09-01 - 2011-09-01

DYMOBUS extends the recent advances in mesoscopic traffic simulation for car traffic to include bus traffic. This enables the study of car-bus interaction especially in inner cities, where congestion » more
Environmental assessment of waste management (Anna Björklund)

Period: 2006-07-01 - 2010-12-31

This project is part of the research programme ”Tools for Sustainable Waste Management”, financed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The aim of the project is to contribute to sustainable » more
Environmental effectiveness in green procurement of building and road construction contracts (Charlotta Faith-Ell)

Period: 2005-03-01 - 2008-06-30

Purchasing based on environmental requirements, so-called green purchasing, is an emerging field in the procurement of products and services. Procurement with environmental requirements has become » more
Environmental management of rail operation and maintenance (Professor Per-Erik Jansson)

Period: 2000-01-01 - 2007-12-31

The General rules of consideration in the Swedish Environmental Code state that operators must have the knowledge needed to protect human health and the environment against damage and nuisance. » more
Environmental performance of Alma Media products (Åsa Moberg)

Period: 2011-03-01 - 2011-12-31

The project performs an analysis of various Alma Media products from an environmental perspective. » more
Exergy – a matter of quality (Folke Björk)

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2010-12-30

Analysis of exergy-demanding processes in buildings for radically reducing the use of high quality energy » more
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