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Affordable Wireless Broadband Access (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Jan Markendahl

Communication Systems

The usage of Internet is changing from being a service consumed in fixed and known locations like your home/office to be a service used in “any” location. The Internet access using “Mobile Broadband” has increased dramatically during the last few years. Unlike voice services the mobile broadband subscriptions are based on flat-rate pricing. Pure flat rate charging means that increased usage not will result in increased revenues. Due to both much higher data volumes and the flat rate a major challenge is to provide wireless capacity at “much lower” cost than for voice services.

The techno-economic research project “Affordable Wireless Broadband Access”, with TeliaSonera and Wireless@KTH as partners, targets cost-efficient solutions for deployment and operation of the radio access network. The objectives include:

• To identify and analyse the key functional, cost and capacity aspects of integration of local networks into cellular solutions

• To identify and analyse technical bottleneck issues related to interference, spectrum allocation, deployment and self-organization of networks

• To propose a business framework for cooperation of networks owned and/or operated by different business entities

• To identify and analyse key business bottlenecks related to cost structure, pricing and revenue-sharing models and to analyse the economic feasibility

Period: 2008-01-01 - 2010-12-31

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