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Research Leader: Guest Professor Marko Turpeinen
Nils Brandt, Hannes Ebner, Jorge Luis Zapico

Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC), Industrial Ecology

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The project is about innovative information technologies for creating, sharing, remixing and visualizing sustainability information.
Data-driven sustainability explores the application of current technologies, such as linked data, APIs, and real-time data, to sustainability. The project is based on the hypothesis that ICT can make environmentally relevant variables more visible and that this information can help us to move towards sustainability. The research is based on the design and implementation of ICT solutions as both a way of demonstrating and testing the hypothesis and having a real impact. The following activities have been performed:

Footprinted - The web service Footprinted takes concepts of open linked data, APIs and information visualizations and applies them to environmental impact information, which is an area that until now mostly has relied on closed ICT systems. Footprinted is a collaboration with Sourcemap and MIT Media Lab. See http://footprinted.org

Stockholm Green Hackathon - To foster a global community of developers of applications for sustainability, the Stockholm Green Hackathon was organized in October 2011. The event gathered around 30 developers who created applications for sustainability, demonstrating the possibilities of open linked data for triggering innovations. See http://www.greenhackathon.com

Data Driven Sustainability is part of the EIT ICT Labs Digital Cities thematic area. The project is performed in collaboration with the City of Stockholm and Ericsson.

Period: 2011-01-01 - 2012-06-30

API, Data, Footprinted, Hackathon, ICT, LCA, Linked, Open, Sourcemap, Sustainability, Sustainable

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