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Berit Brokking Balfors (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader at
Environmental Management and Assessment
Land and Water Resources Engineering
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Phone:  +46 8 790 6352


Environmental Management and Assessment


Impacts of region-wide urban development on biodiversity in strategic environmental assessment

Local participation in catchment based management: institutional structures and policy design for encouraging measures in agriculture


Environmental assessment of road geology and ecology in a system perspective

Environmental effectiveness in green procurement of building and road construction contracts

Environmental management of rail operation and maintenance

Modelling and visualization of pollutant transport in peri-urban areas of shallow groundwater table and development of a decision aid system for evaluating remediation and prevention schemes


Contamination of water resources in the Tarkwa mining area of Ghana: Linking technical, social-economic and gender dimensions

Prediction tools for biodiversity in environmental assessments

Environmental management of road maintenance

WORKED WITH (13/13) 

Professor Björn Birgisson (Research Leader / Highway and Railway Engineering)

Emma Engström (Scientist / Environmental Management and Assessment)

Charlotta Faith-Ell (Research Leader / Environmental Management and Assessment)

Joanne Fernlund (Research Leader / Engineering Geology and Geophysics)

Frida Franzén (Scientist / Environmental Management and Assessment)

David Gustafsson (Scientist / Land and Water Resources Engineering)

Professor Per-Erik Jansson (Research Leader / Environmental Physics)

Kristina Lundberg (Scientist / Environmental Management and Assessment)

Ulla Mörtberg (Research Leader / Environmental Management and Assessment)

Professor Bo Olofsson (Research Leader / Environmental Physics)

Professor Roger Thunvik (Research Leader / Environmental Physics)

Susanna Toller (Scientist / Environmental Strategies Research Group - fms)

Andreas Zetterberg (Scientist / Environmental Management and Assessment)


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