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Quantum complex systems: entanglemant and decoherence from nano- to macroscales - QUACS (»Add to Infobox)

Research Leader: Professor emeritus Stig Stenholm

The project investigates coherence and entanglement in complex systems. We use both theoretical and experimental methods to investigate how to create coherence and control its destruction through environmental influences. The aim is to follow and steer the flow of quantum information through the various physical channels of a quantum system. In this connection the use of adiabaticity is an essential ingredient. The quantum evolution involved offers opportunities to affect the outcomes of physical processes via the utilization of interferometric effects and their modifications by dissipative processes. The methods are to be applied to atomic, molecular and condensed matter systems on nano- and macroscales.

Period: 2002-08-01 - 2006-07-31

Coherence, Quantum information, Entanglement, Decoherence, Adiabaticity, Nanoprocesses


European Commission


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