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Welcome to the KTH Research Project Database

The KTH Research Project Database is intended to contain all the currently on-going projects at KTH. It is managed by the Research Office, and is regularly updated by the research leaders themselves. Please contact researchprojects@kth.se for any modification.

Project: Secondary batteries. Lithium-ion batteries

Period: 97-09-01
How to use lithium-ion batteries in the best possible way in advanced applications such as hybrid electric vehicles? How to make lithium-ion batte... » more
Project: Energy-efficient cellulosic insulation products...
The increasing requirements for energy-efficient buildings result in the development of structural materials with improved thermal properties. » more
Project: Development of gamma-ray tracking detectors

Gamma-ray detectors are important for basic science, in industry and medicine. State-of-the-art design of Ge detector arrays for nuclear spectrosco... » more
Project: Oxides and low-energy electron diffraction: Two...
Recently surface crystallography has put focus on metal oxides considered for spintronics research. The present group works on the theory for low-e... » more


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